How to Avoid Identity Theft with SMS Verification

How to Avoid Identity Theft with SMS Verification

One of the biggest fears that consumers have today is the theft of their personal data. This fear is valid as over 40% of online users have had their passwords compromised one time or another. The unfortunate reality is that businesses are also at risk of digital crime and loss of data that could lead to a massive financial and reputational damage. As a business or brand, it is therefore critical to pay attention to having SMSverification on your systems. A simple but effective layer of security that you can use to keep your private data secure is using SMS OTP and 2FA.

Website Security with OTP

One-Time Password (OTP) is a technological process that allows a single-use access code to be generated and sent via SMS to a user’s registered mobile number before a website can be accessed. Another name for OTP is two-factor authentication. Most important websites like Google Mail, Stock trading websites, online banking portals and gaming websites also use SMS verification to ensure that the actual user is the one logging into the website and also preventing identity theft.

Using SMS verification via OTP helps to ensure that a website has higher security in place which helps to improve the trust of users in feeling safe. OTPs also removes the risk of password phishing and keyboard logging scams because even if your password to a website is compromised, you will still need to enter the single-use, short term to confirm the login attempt.

Benefits of SMS verification

Authenticating login attempts using SMSverification codes is now becoming a common alternative to password protection. Here are some reasons why businesses are now dependent on SMS verification for their security.

1.      You already have a mobile number

SMS verification is easy to implement because everyone already has a mobile number that they can use. This makes it ubiquitous to put in place without any additional hardware requirements.

2.       Stronger protection

Two-factor authentication is an extreme security measure that can reduce the risk of cybertheft. It also helps you to restrict unauthorized access to your account. Even if your password gets hacked, you will get a mobile phone notification that tells you someone is trying to get into your account. The chances your sim card and your password being hacked at the same time are minimal which means better security for you.

3.      Low cost

There is virtually no extra spending involved in getting 2FA enabled. Many online services can provide this service for next to no cost. All you need to do is activate it. Google, for example, offers this for free.

4.      Easy implementation

The settings are there and most times, all you need is a security plugin to help you to provide 2FA. You can also find an SMS provider that can help you integrate this function into your business and service.

You can contact us at for an SMS provider that can help you provide cheap and efficient SMS services to you and your business. Let us help you protect and elevate your business today.


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