How To Ensure Security For Your Customer’s In The Most Unique Way

How To Ensure Security For Your Customer’s In The Most Unique Way

If you’re the proud owner of a business and a website that goes with it, we imagine one of your main goals is to make your website secure. It wouldn’t do to have your customer’s personal information stolen.

It has been noted that no matter how secure one makes their password, 90 percent of it still remains susceptible to hacking. In this case, what can you do to ensure your customer’s safety?

Well, the two-factor authentication system, which is done via SMS has certainly become the preferred added security measure for businesses. You can use Bulk SMS Online or similar sites to enable automatic messages to your customers containing the two-factor authentication code to ensure they can log in or make payments securely. Online SMS sites like this provide a faster and relatively inexpensive service.

Whatever you will spend on bulk SMS would be way cheaper than having to deal with fixing a security breach.

Let’s take a look at what’s two-factor authentication to understand how this works.

How Two factors Authentication Works?

Two factors authentication(2FA) is a process where two steps are taken to verify personal data.

A person can set up their 2FA security when they are first opening an account. The person might get a personal question asking about a certain childhood incident. Once the person answers the questions, 2FA is enabled. Next time, the person is trying to log in, their answer to that particular childhood question should match.

Iris scan or fingerprint scan is also an example of 2FA.

By far, the most popular and common method of providing two-factor authentication systems by businesses for their customers is the OTP method.
For example, if someone is trying to login to their account and the site has 2FA on, they will have to first enter their username and password. Once done, an SMS will be sent to the person’s phone containing a specific number or code. They will have to enter the code on the website they are trying to login to so they can confirm it’s them.

This is something that can be used while making online payments as well. This is also called OTP when it involves sending a message to the customer’s phone number. Recently, banks and high-end businesses have taken to implement this system.

For good reasons, no less. A website with 2FA enabled automatically has the trust of its customers. They won’t feel insecure about their personal information, thus increasing brand loyalty and recognition.

Final Thoughts

The higher your business rises, the higher is the chance of hackers and people with malicious intent trying to hack into your website and the information data of your customers. It’s your duty to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

When the implementation of a single two-factor authentication system through bulk SMS system can ensure an end to all possible dangerous situations, why take the risk? It doesn’t require much effort on your part as sites like  BulkSMS Online take care of code generations on their own.


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