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How To Ensure Security For Your Customer’s In The Most Unique Way

How To Ensure Security For Your Customer’s In The Most Unique Way If you’re the proud owner of a business and a website that goes with it, we imagine one of your main goals is to make your website secure. It wouldn’t do to have your customer’s personal information stolen. It has been noted that no matter how secure one makes their password, 90 percent of it still remains susceptible to hacking. In this case, what can you do to ensure your customer’s safety? Well, the two-factor authentication system, which is done via SMS has certainly become the preferred added security measure for businesses. You can use Bulk SMS Online or similar sites to enable automatic messages to your customers containing the two-factor authentication code to ensure they can log in or make payments securely. Online SMS sites like this provide a faster and relatively inexpensive service. Whatever you will spend on bulk SMS would be way cheaper than having to deal with fixing a security

SMS OTP- The Innovative Solution To Online Identity Theft

SMS OTP- The Innovative Solution To Online Identity Theft   Technical advancements have certainly made life easier for us. At the same time, it has made it too easy to jeopardize our security at the same    moment. If your identity is stolen through online means, your business as well as   personal life could   be at stake. It’s not easy to recover a stolen identity and the measures taken to do so require a lot of time. Isn’t it better to simply ensure no one gets close to stealing your information in the first place? Something as simple as enabling OTP on all your data can heighten your security level. How Does OTP Work? OTP is the shortened form of One TimePassword . As the name suggests, it’s a password that can be used only once while accessing certain information. The security layer is a work of Two Factor Authentication system. It’s an automated service that’s completely unlike any other. An OTP is sent directly to your phone number with no connections with

How to Avoid Identity Theft with SMS Verification

How to Avoid Identity Theft with SMS Verification One of the biggest fears that consumers have today is the theft of their personal data. This fear is valid as over 40% of online users have had their passwords compromised one time or another. The unfortunate reality is that businesses are also at risk of digital crime and loss of data that could lead to a massive financial and reputational damage. As a business or brand, it is therefore critical to pay attention to having SMSverification on your systems. A simple but effective layer of security that you can use to keep your private data secure is using SMS OTP and 2FA. Website Security with OTP One-Time Password (OTP) is a technological process that allows a single-use access code to be generated and sent via SMS to a user’s registered mobile number before a website can be accessed. Another name for OTP is two-factor authentication. Most important websites like Google Mail, Stock trading websites, online banking po