SMS OTP- The Innovative Solution To Online Identity Theft

SMS OTP- The Innovative Solution To Online Identity Theft

 Technical advancements have certainly made life easier for us. At the same time, it has made it too easy to jeopardize our security at the same   moment. If your identity is stolen through online means, your business as well as  personal life could  be at stake.

It’s not easy to recover a stolen identity and the measures taken to do so require a lot of time. Isn’t it better to simply ensure no one gets close to stealing your information in the first place? Something as simple as enabling OTP on all your data can heighten your security level.

How Does OTP Work?

OTP is the shortened form of One TimePassword. As the name suggests, it’s a password that can be used only once while accessing certain information. The security layer is a work of Two Factor Authentication system. It’s an automated service that’s completely unlike any other.

An OTP is sent directly to your phone number with no connections with the environment. Say, you are trying to login to an online account. After you have entered your password and username, if you have OTP enabled, a message will be sent to your phone number with a unique code. You will now have to enter this unique number on the online site you are trying to login . This way, the site knows a hacker or a bot isn’t trying to gain access.

OTP is even more useful when it comes to online shopping. When you are confirming a payment after you have entered your bank or debit/credit card details, an OTP is sent to your phone. You can confirm it’s actually you, thus enabling the bank and the site to approve payment on their end.

An OTP has a specific time limit. At most, a user is allowed five minutes to confirm they are the rightful owner of their account or debit card before the combination sent to your phone becomes obsolete. This is an excellent security measure, ensuring no one can hack your data even if they get access to your phone’s SMS at a later date.

If you are the owner of a business and want to secure your business site further, whether you own a shopping company or an online forum, we suggest making use of sites such as BulkSMSOnline to enable automated OTPs for your customers. Your customers will naturally have way more confidence in your business knowing you are providing them with the maximum security.

You will be happy to know that you don’t actually have to spend any extra money to have a two-factor authentication system enabled. In fact, plenty of online services are willing to provide it for free, with Google amongst the lot.

Final Thoughts

The idea of identity theft is as scary as it sounds. A person could pretend to be you and commit crimes online, can use your information to make payments you wouldn’t have made otherwise. Your entire life could be a risk.

You wouldn’t want your customers to face any of these problems either. So, do your best to ensure their safety is accounted for!


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