Schedule & Stagger SMS Campaigns For Better Results

Schedule & Stagger SMS Campaigns For Better Results

What we are about to tell you might stun you, SMS marketing campaigns boasts open rate by 92% and a staggering response rate by 45%. Looking at the statistics, you must be wondering why all companies don’t prefer using SMS campaigns for marketing if they are so beneficial.
Well, the range of using SMS marketing campaigns and bulk SMS software entirely depends on the company’s needs. From promotions to notifications, download links to loyalty programs, all kinds of information can be shared via SMS. Text messages give a more personalized way of customer engagement. And looking at the time average person spends on his/her phone, it is viable to use SMS marketing.

However, managing SMS Campaigns isn’t an easy task. There is no doubt that bulk SMS services are thriving due to the fact SMS remains one of the most effective communication media for businesses. But what if the campaign is generating a substantial response that becomes hard for your team to manage?

 Using best practices from the market, you can send bulk SMS for free and generate an overwhelming response. While the tremendously compelling offer has a great response, it creates a predicament for the management team. The customer support team gets inundated with inquiries, and they struggle to manage all requests in an efficient manner. The unlimited queries and requests might sound great, but it can put the team under pressure that leads to missed opportunities.
To resolve this issue, SMS Campaign Staggering is done.

So, how do you describe the concept?

In basic terms, campaign staggering means sending bulk SMS in batches at specific intervals. Staggering can be very beneficial when you expect replies or calls from potential customers. Staggering of the messages will create a streamlined flow of responses, thereby minimizing the pressure of customer service teams.

How to Stagger Your SMS Marketing Campaigns?

To ease up your business processes, Bulk SMS Online provides a premium SMS service that allows you to stagger the campaign seamlessly. You can follow up with the upsell leads and automatically collect feedback or request reviews.
With the help of our bulk SMS gateway, you can stagger the campaign in a quick and trouble-free way. As you create a campaign using our software, there will be options to send, schedule, or stagger the messages. Specify the date and time to commence the sending process for the campaign. Choose how many SMS you would like to send in a single batch and set a desired time distance between the batches.

One important thing to consider is to test your campaign before finalizing it. This will help you review the possible outcomes and employ a strategy for optimal functioning.

Final Thoughts:
There are unlimited channels available for marketing. This makes it harder for businesses to narrow down the best marketing strategy. But once you have integrated bulk SMS software in your business and seen the results of the campaign, you will root for SMS Campaigns every time. Scheduling and staggering the campaigns further improve the outcome of such campaigns, increasing a loyal customer base for the organization.


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