Understand the Elements of SMS & Mobile Marketing Compliance

Understand the Elements of SMS & Mobile Marketing Compliance

For all companies that consider Mobile marketing a valuable tool, they need to know that there are some obligations that you need to fulfill. The Telephone, Consumer Protection Act, has laid down some specific guidelines to ensure customer and business safety.

We all can agree that SMS or other forms of Mobile Marketing campaigns can be intrusive, spammy, or harmful. Hence, the compliance for SMS elucidates the laws and regulations, which are critical for all organizations that collect the mobile number and send messages to them. You might think that understanding Mobile marketing compliances can be tough. But here at Bulk SMS Online, we simplify everything in a clear and concise way.

As a bulk SMS provider company, we know the importance of informing the consumers of the compliances that every firm has to oblige to. The holy grail of TCPA lists down the dos and don’ts that illustrate how the company should operate.

Elements To Keep In Mind For Mobile Marketing

We have narrowed down 5 of the critical aspects of SMS Compliance that assure customer protection and safety while using online platforms.

1: Express Written Consent:

You must have seen that network providers often send bulk SMS to all their customers at once. But this can only be attained when the customer has given written consent allowing them to send text messages. TCPA asks all businesses to design a clear and conspicuous form that demonstrates what the customers are signing up for. If an organization fails to adhere to this guideline, then it will be termed as a violation of TCPA.

Yes, even the text messages a company sends to the customer base require consent. There are many companies that opt out of the simplest ways to get consent, such as sending a keyword to your number, providing your phone number for a website, or signing up on an application or website using the number. Businesses are not allowed to force the customers to opt-out for their text program as a condition to purchase products or services.

Moreover, to get the consent of the customers, the organizations need to associate a Call-to-Action with the method.

2: Contact Import Rules:

The written consent is not just taken for new contacts; it’s for all contacts, including the ones that are imported. The federal law is laid as such that every import request is reviewed. So, before you import any contact, ensure that all numbers have opted to allow you to send SMS to their number.

3: Call-to-Action Requirements:

The Call-to-Action prerequisite is the message that customers opt-out to be a part of your SMS & Mobile Marketing campaign. It consists of:

  • ü  SMS Campaign Purpose
  • Highlight the purpose of the campaign is a simple and straightforward way to let the customers know what they are signing up for. The customers must always know whether they will get reminders, coupons, or tips by subscribing to your campaign.
  • ü  Message Frequency
  • Specify how frequently the customers will receive SMS in bulk to prevent intrusion. You wouldn’t want the customer to get disturbed more than necessary that they end up unsubscribing from the program.
  • ü  Message & Data Rates
  • With the free SMS feature providing by all mobile networks, you still have to clarify if the users have to pay a small fee when they receive or send SMS. The incurred charges need to be cited before the customers sign up for your program.
  • ü  Terms & Conditions
  • From the identity of your company/brand/program to the description of the service the customers are signing up for, the organization needs to list all the terms and conditions. Key elements of the terms and conditions must be highlighted in bold letters, and customer care information must be provided.
  • ü  Privacy Policy
  • Every organization uses the information you provide for their benefits, which include the distribution of your mobile number to partner firms. Sometimes, the customers have to provide their financial information on these platforms. Hence, to ensure that the firm is not misusing the database, they need to list the privacy policy that describes what they can and cannot do with the information provided.

4: Confirmation Message:

All businesses and organizations must reiterate the opt-in process regardless of how users signed up for the campaign. It will include your identity, message frequency, message, and data rates applied, and how to opt-out for the program.
Now, Bulk SMS Online and other services like us have automated the process so that the moment users opt-out to send SMS or receive them; they will be notified.

5: SHAFT- Things You Can’t Text:

The text marketing industry has its own set of rules and best practices provided by CTIA. And one of the most important rules is SHAFT compliance. SHAFT stands for sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco. Combined together, these topics form a set that specifies that any content related to these topics will be a violation of the compliances and result in an immediate ban.
However, there is some exemptions to this rule. For example, if you work in a bar, then you can send a message about the Happy Hour Specials without risking any violation. In general, toll-free numbers are used that have an age-gate that prevents under age of 21 to sign up for the text message campaigns. Still, we suggest that while you are sending texts about tobacco or alcohol, you must check the rules to remain compliant.

Stay In Limits With Mobile Marketing Compliance

Bulk SMS Gateway is popularly used by almost every business in the market. Mobile marketing plays a vital role in all industries. And as long as you are following the TCPA guidelines and implement them in the most effective way, you will be on the safe side and benefit from the program.
To understand the bulk SMS compliance in a better way, get in touch with BulkSMSOnline, and consult our specialists. We can assure you that our personalized SMS solutions will bring profits to your business.


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